scott benesiinaabandan at White Horse Plains, Manitoba


Montreal Canada

citizenship: Obishikokaang Anishinabe First Nation

Passport: Canada

Ongoing thanks to mega-support by Ab-TeC/ObX Labs and Initiative for Indigenous Futures, Canada Council for the Arts and the wonderful artists, curators and organizations, galleries and projects I get to know and be a part of.

Gage' Miigwech!! (thanks forever)


Scott Benesiinaabandan is an Anishinabe intermedia artist that works primarily in photography, printmaking and video. Scott has recently completed  international residencies at Parramatta Artist Studios in Australia (2012), Context Gallery in Derry, North of Ireland (2010) and is most recently been awarded the University Lethbridge/Royal Institute of Technology iAIR residency 2013,  along with international collaborative projects in both the U.K and Ireland. He is currently in Montreal, and recently completed a Canada Council New Media Production grant through OBx Labs/Ab-tech and Concordia.

In the past four years, Benesiinaabandan has been awarded multiple grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council.

Benesiinaabandan has taken part in several group exhibitions across Canada and the United States, most notably in  Harbourfront’s Flatter the Land/Bigger the Ruckus (2006), Subconscious City at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (2008) and with more recent solo exhibitions, unSacred, at Gallery 1C03 ( 2011) and in Sydney,  Mii Omaa Ayaad/Oshiki Inendemowin (2012).In September, 2013 Benesiinaabandan will take part in Ryerson Image Centre’s Ghost Dance exhibition.

Artist Statement

My most recent work has been centered on cultural crisis/conflict and its political manifestations, located and contextualized around issues of Indigeniety from a global perspective.

More broadly it seeks to addresses a  continuing development and creation of a deeper personal cosmology, The impact of  relationships and familial/communal ties, non-conventional ways of knowing (ie. dreaming, intuition, blood memory), underlying threats and danger inherent in searching for truth and how these impacts radiate out into wider communities.